About Danwatch

Danwatch is an award-winning investigative media and researchcenter, that produces journalism in the interest of the public.

Through investigative journalism we document issues that relate to the activities of states and corporations. The reporting reveals their responsibility towards development countries and economies in growth with a specific focus on CSR, human rights and the environment in a global perspective.

Since 2007 Danwatch has been a central reference point for these topics.

In 2015 Danwatch received the 'Timbuktu Pris' for investigative journalism on development issues

This means specifically, that you can read investigative reporting from around the world. Our journalists spend months researching the stories going through extensive amounts of data in a desk research, which is often supplied with a field research that brings us close to the people and places afected by the issues.

The research results in a series of articles, photos and videos.

In 2016 we have researched the shipping industry intensely. The world’s largest shipping company Maersk is scrapping it’s ships on a warf in India, that does not live up to international standards.

Read: Maersk and the harzardous waste.

You can also read the report on Brazil’s coffee industry and it’s serious problems with working conditions that are analogous to slavery, life- threatening pesticides and scarce protective equipment. In the investigation coffee giant Nestlé acknowledges having purchased coffee from two plantations where authorities freed workers from conditions analogous to slavery in 2015.

Read: Bitter Coffee.

Danwatch publishes aproximately 10-12 journalistic investigation annually on www.danwatch.dk. I 2015 Danwatch won the Timbuktu Prize, which is the biggest Danish award for investigative reporting on development issues.

Director Jesper Nymark om Danwatch

“We know that our consumption influence the world’s poorest. When states and we the people shop every day we make choices – and those choices affect the people across the supply chain.”

In a world where consumerism and our choices are becoming increasingly important to the undervedeloped countries, the need for making an enlightend decision increases as well.

But despite international guidelines and princeples, that regulate companies and investors social responsibility, Danish and international corporations still violate people and environment. That is confirmed time and time again, when we conduct our investigations.

We all have a responsibility. Knowledge comes with a resposibility.

As an independent media and researchcenter we believe that investigative reporting can help make change and keep a focus on sustainability and social responsibility in the Danish and the international media.”

Danwatch works with UNGP

According to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), it is the states duty to protect human rights and the corporations responsibility to respect human rights. There shall be access to remedy for victims of business-related abuses.